Our solutions are simple:-

We use mobile technology platforms to bring REAL TIME solutions to managers.

We believe in cross functional, cross platform solutions which allow flexibility without compromising Getting it Right.

Our products can run on:
  • Android.
  • Ipad / Iphone.
Field work by definition encompasses Sales, Marketing Surveys, Technical Work, Brand Ambassadorial Work, Project Work.
Anything that involves persons getting out into the Field, completing a task, and returning with the relevant feedback and paperwork.

Field work of any shape or form is more than often beset with the following challenges after the work has been completed:
  • Delayed administration.
  • Inaccurate recording.
  • Slow Billing.
  • Mountains of paperwork and records.

Added to this the inherent problems associated with ongoing field work and projects are:
  • Inconsistency across the team.
  • Difficulty with locating team members and receiving feedback.
  • Management struggle to gauge performance until the results are in.
  • The "Last Mile" (the paperwork collation, reporting and billing) is often the harder than the work being executed in the field. 
Our Business Case:
  • We address the Last Mile before the teams hit the road. To do this we provide solutions that are:
    • Accurate.
    • Consistent.
    • Real Time. 
  • The benefits for Clients are:
    • Instant Feedback.
    • Reduced and enhanced administration.
    • Accuracy and consistency for empowered Staff.
    • Efficiency and Effectiveness.
    • Greatly reduced administration costs.
    • Easy access to documents, reports and photographs.